Where’s your Raider Pride?

Have you ever been to a game or rally, and had no idea what to say during the chants? 

We’ve all been there. If only there was an easy way to know some of the chants our school has. Oh, wait… Here is a cheat sheet!

Raiders How Do You Feel?

Raiders! How do you feel?

(We feel good! Oh, we feel so good!

Oh oh oh ohhhh!!!)


8 Clap

Aaaaand a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

C come ooon!

I what you say?


S you know!

C I H S 

Fight, Raiders, Fight!


Call and Repeat

I wanna be a CI Raider

(Crowd repeats)

I wanna live a life of danger


Everywhere we go


People wanna know


Who we are


So we tell them


We stomp on your like we stomp on grass


CI Raiders gonna kick your


(*everyone yells that part*)


Party Chant


The party party is on our side! 

Where is the party?

The party’s over here! 


Loud Raider 

We are the Raider 2!

A little louder 3!

We still can’t hear you,

We are number 1!

Raiders in the front let me grunt!


Raiders in the back show me where it at

(Right here!)

Raiders in the stands, 

Stand up and clap your hands!

(*clap your hands as much as you can*)


If you know someone who doesn’t know our chants, show them this! I hope to hear all of you following along during our future rallies and games!