The Many Hats of Mr. Juarez


Mr. Rogelio Juarez is the new coordinator of Channel Islands’ College and Career Center, and he is also a coach for some of our sports here at the Islands.

As coordinator of the College and Career Center, Juarez helps students pick which scholarships to apply for, as well as what they’d like to do after high school in their future careers.

Juarez graduated from Pacifica High School in 2008. He was involved in a lot of activities and sports in high school. He played football, soccer, wrestling, and baseball. He was also in the marching band for 4 years. 

Even though he went to Pacifica, Juarez had strong connections to CI. His dad, Rogelio Sr., was a Spanish teacher here at CI, so he introduced Juarez to many activities. His dad was also the boys’ varsity soccer coach at CI; and unfortunately in 2014, he passed away from cancer.

After Juarez graduated from high school, he attended Cal State Northridge for one year. He then transferred to Fresno State, where he played rugby. After that, he attended CSUCI to finish off his last couple years of college and graduated with a degree in Social Science. 

Juarez coached football at the Islands for four years and also helped coach the CI soccer team all the way to the CIF championship. He stated, “It was a big accomplishment to be there with the soccer team and it was amazing for them, me, and others in the community.”

Now, Juarez is currently coaching his first year of track and field for CI. 

Along with coaching, he is currently in the process of getting his master’s degree, so he can become a counselor here at the Islands. He said, “It was definitely a long process but I use that to reflect on students here, that you can always just keep on going. It takes some time but you always get there in a matter of time.”

He also wants to continue to be helpful at CI, “I want to keep helping the students and to encourage them to keep on going”.

Juarez expressed that he loves helping out and that one of his goals is to make people believe in themselves. He stated, “I’m just happy to be surrounded by positive people throughout the day.” He expressed that he loves helping out and that one of his goals is to make people believe in themselves. 

Finally, Juarez ends the interview, by saying, “Don’t let people tell you that you can’t do something that you want to do, instead do it and then show yourself that you did it because you can, you wanted to, and you did it”