A New Coach With A New Outlook


Mr. Rashad Dunn, Channel Islands’ new head football coach, grew up in Georgia in a small town. 

Dunn says, “It’s not even a real town; it’s an incorporated area.”

Coach Dunn attended Greenbrier High School in Georgia where he played football, and then he received a scholarship to play at the University of Iowa, where he played offensive guard.

CI isn’t the first place Dunn has coached. In fact, Dunn has coached high school football in four different states: Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

Dunn played football in high school and college but he felt as though something was missing. “There was a big disconnect there,” said Dunn. This led Dunn to become a coach because he wanted to change the disconnections there are between being new and not knowing what to do. 

He also wanted to be a positive role model as a coach in view of the fact that “You see so many negative role models and I didn’t want to be that,” Dunn says. “I figured if I’m going to be an adult then I might as well be a positive influence.”

Dunn will be replacing longtime CI coach Mr. Gary Porter. Dunn came to CI because he understands the students that attend CI and what they are capable of. Dunn says, “I like the fact that I can push these kids harder than I can other kids.”

Dunn says he understands that the students at CI want to represent something bigger than themselves. “My goal as head coach is to create a culture that the school and the community will be proud of,” said Dunn. “I want the Channel Islands name to mean something when people in the community see students wear it. We are going to strive to be the hardest working, grittiest, and intelligent team we can be.”

When talking about what makes an excellent football player, Dunn says, “Someone who continually works to perfect their craft. Someone who plays with emotion but doesn’t get emotional. Someone who doesn’t look for excuses but finds the solutions.”

Dunn describes his coaching style as “either gonna do it or you’re not. It’s as simple as that.” 

 Dunn likes many players in football but his top 5 have to be “Miko Green, Reggie White, White Freenie, John Lench, and Simeon Rice”. Although, “The list goes on” Dunn says.

When speaking about helping CI, which went 0-10 this past season, Dunn says, “I’m going to make them the best athletes they can be. I offer discipline and relatability. I grew up a lot like these kids.” 

Regarding the rumors that Coach Dunn would teach here at CI Dunn says “I don’t know how many of them would want me to be a teacher, but who knows what the future holds, although, that could be in the future, who knows.”

Adrian Maldonado, a junior who played on this year’s varsity team, has had a good first impression of Coach Dunn.

“He’s really chill, a great coach, and his vibe is there which keeps it real,” Maldonado said. 

When talking about Coach Dunn’s coaching style, Maldonado says, “I honestly like it. He pushes you every single day no matter where you are. He always pushes you to do your very best.”