Quarters vs. Semesters

The biggest debate of 2022 has always been the question, semesters or quarters?

While discussing the quarter system, CI senior student Jane Ramirez argued, “ I like the quarter system because it’s allowed me to catch up on credits!” Ramirez felt the quarter system has only affected her positively, though she admitted to falling behind in her classes easily. CI English instructor Mrs. Madonna agreed with Ramirez, she stated “It has negatively affected my CP senior English class as I have less time to really hone in and develop analytical skills and writing.” Madonna expressed the challenges of staying in a quarter system, but felt it’ll affect her AP students positively, “though I prefer quarters when it comes to my AP classes as I have more time with them and am able to focus on quality feedback due to having less students overall.” It became a mutual agreement that a quarter system feels rushed but has its positives of working in fewer classes and staying on track with fewer students. 

Moving towards the topic of a semester system, CI senior student Angel Cortez inputted his preference for semesters, he explained “I feel that semesters would be a better choice for the next school year because it’s what they use in college” he said “It’s also less complicated and easier for students to get used to.” Cortez felt that semesters would give students more time with assignments and not feel overwhelmed with piles of schoolwork. CI Psychology and Sociology instructor Mr.Kochel agreed with Cortez, he stated “ I think semesters are better for a variety of reasons. Quarter classes are too short to really go over much material; this is especially important for some classes like English or Government.” Kochel expressed his view on the hour and a half classes, he argued “ The classes in the quarter system are too long for high school students in my opinion, especially the younger students.” Despite the opinions on a quarter or semester system, anyone can agree that either one has its pros and cons.