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    Rosie torresDec 25, 2023 at 6:28 pm

    Hi, job well done. You hit it on the nail with how it basically is right now in our cities for everyone that has to deal with homelessness. I’ve been homeless for over 4 years and every winter it’s been getting colder and harder then before. I’ve tried to reach out for any helping hand within our county social services but because I’m not so old or sick enough. I’m turned down constantly and all I want is to get my life back so I can reunite with my kids and family. I currently live in the river bottom and just received a letter from San Buena Ventura police department that we have to leave because there going to do clean up day during the holidays. Letter said Dec 24, 2023 but they didn’t show up yet. It states any and all belongings will be dump and any person present will be arrested. But where and what am I supposed to do. There’s no room at shelters and all My stuff got damaged during the rain. I’m lost just like many others. But thank you for bringing this topic to remind everyone.