Impressive number of valedictorians


2 of 14 Valedictorias

The class of 2023 has accomplished a feat never before done. This year, there are a total of 14 valedictorians. Meaning 14 well-rounded students have achieved a GPA of 4.0 throughout all 4 years of their high school education. 

For comparison, the class of 2022 had a whopping 7 valedictorians. The class of 2023 has strived for excellence and it is seen now with a record-breaking 14 valedictorians at Channel Islands High School.

The term valedictorian is defined as “a student, typically having the highest academic achievements of the class.” This year, CI proudly has 14 students who have achieved the perfect unweighted GPA of a 4.0, meaning that they have not had anything less than an A- in their four years of high school. 

Of course, being valedictorian is never an easy feat and Lorene May Camba, one of our valedictorians, shares her experience.

“It wasn’t painstakingly hard, but there were some times where I had to miss out on hanging out with my friends in order to finish assignments or study for classes,” said Camba, who will attend Cal State Fullerton in the fall. 

There is no doubt that to be at the very top of your class, sacrifices are in order. But Camba does explain that she did not always feel alone or as if she were missing out because she did have a number 1 supporter. 

“My #1 supporter would be my best friend Xian Genevie Rondares for always being there for me and encouraging me to do well in my classes,” she said.

Aylin Fernandez, another one of our many valedictorians, will be studying biological science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.. 

“From the beginning of my high school journey, I knew that I wanted to do good in school and to maintain all A’s as I had done so in middle school,” Fernandez said.

She shares how the journey to get to being valedictorian was not her main goal in high school; her main goal was not the title, but rather to succeed as much as she can.

Of course, they did not want to leave the next class of prospective students empty-handed and offered some advice. Fernandez shares how getting involved with programs here at CI and outside of school is great, but to “get involved with programs and organizations that you are truly passionate about.” 

Camba shares how even as the future comes closer and closer with each second, it’s not healthy to dwell heavily on the future and explains how it is necessary to enjoy the time now while also making sure to stay on top of work.

Both Fernandez and Camba share how while the journey to earning the title of valedictorian was daunting, they had friends and family to be able to support them throughout their journey and they are able to achieve this grand achievement with them. 

This year, as a way to honor all of our 2023 valedictorians, all 14 of them will be sitting in the very first row at this year’s graduation with two being given the honor of presenting their speech live at the graduation ceremony. The rest of the valedictorians will have the option of recording a speech which will be posted on the Channel Islands High School’s social media pages. 

This year, Aylin Fernandez and Iris Robidoux will have the honor of giving the speech at the 2023 graduation ceremony.