Gatsby Prom Headed for the Islands

The last dance of this school year is soon approaching. Are you Raiders ready? 

Prom this year is like no other with a theme of Gatsby’s Masquerade planned by the class of 2024 ASB. Ever since the announcement of prom came out, students have been getting ready by purchasing tickets, buying outfits, and preparing promposals.

Tickets are being sold up until April 28th at the student store during lunch and sometimes even after school, the prices vary from $60 with the ASB card, $65 for general admission, and $70 for guest passes. Prom will be located at The Vineyards in Simi Valley. This venue includes a lounge, casino room, karaoke room, coat room, waterfall room, ballroom, and a Grandview patio. 

Prom wouldn’t have been possible without the organization of 2024’s ASB committee. Under the wing of Mr. Brett Zielsdorf, the ASB committee was able to plan the theme and location to perfect this year’s prom. Nizcialey Kirsten Dimapilis, a member of the prom committee, states that planning prom consisted of various meetings in which they would communicate their ideas and concerns, resulting in a steady outcome with little to zero difficulties. 

Dimapilis also shared how grateful she was to be a part of the prom committee, “Being a part of this was definitely a highlight of my school year, especially getting closer to my cabinet,” Dimpalis said. “If it wasn’t for them, prom wouldn’t have been as fun planning and I wouldn’t have been able to share this memorable experience with them.” 

The inspiration for this year’s theme came from a book the juniors read in their English class, The Great Gatsby, and although the topic of a masquerade wasn’t included in the book the juniors wanted to input their own ideas to create the illusion of  “mystery” and “party”  into the theme, creating the idea of a masquerade.

With prom being the last high school dance for seniors, many are planning on going all out. One senior, Angel Leyva, is planning on wearing a black tux and will be going along with the theme. He also plans on touching up his hair for the big day by getting a trim. His date for the night will be his girlfriend, Crystal Perez. They will be arriving in a party bus with a couple of their friends. Before arriving at the venue they will be going out to eat at a nice restaurant and to continue the fun afterwards they will be joining another party. 

When asked about his thoughts about prom being his last high school dance, Leyva said he was feeling bittersweet, “I’m kind of happy,” he said, “but I’m so excited to be out of here and onto something new.”

Another perspective we see is from a junior Brianna Sepulveda. Her outfit for the night will be a long, sequined navy blue dress with a slit on the left leg. She plans on getting her hair and nails done professionally. She will be accompanied by her boyfriend, Miguel Ayala, and a couple of her teammates from softball. They all intend on renting a party bus in order to get to the venue. To end the night Sepulveda and her friends will be heading out to get dinner. 

Whether it’s with friends or a significant other, enjoy the night on May 5th!