The Beef Review


Lee Sung Jin, a Korean TV writer, and the production company A24 paired up with Netflix to create what might be the greatest show of the year, and it’s called “Beef.” This dark comedy stars “The Walking Dead” Actor Steven Yeun and comedian Ali Wong, as they begin a grim adventure that gives both of them a new purpose in life. 

“Beef” follows the story of Danny Cho and Amy Lau, and how a traffic issue in a parking lot begins a road rage incident that leads to a passionate feud to torment one another’s lives. Danny and Amy struggle as they try to balance the pressures of their own lives with the pressures of seeking revenge on each other. Little do these characters know but they’re both struggling heavily with depression and are ultimately saved from their own actions by the vengeful actions of one another.

If you’re one for dramas then this show is for you. Although “Beef” deals with darker themes, like existential crises and depression, the performance of both Yeun and Wong makes it so much more refreshing by providing deeper insight into how we treat one another, and the value of life itself. 

With a score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, “Beef” is catching the eyes of viewers across the world. Many fans and critics alike seem to be in agreement with one simple fact, “Beef,” is one of the best shows of the year. Not only does Lee Sung Jin offer commentary on our class disparities, but he also references our commonalities like our passions to succeed in life, and our need to hate one another. 

The characters, Danny and Amy, who while living on opposite spectrums of society, struggle with the same self-destructive tendencies and are ultimately more alike than they initially assume they are. “Beef,” while both intense and entertaining with its catastrophic scenes, also makes itself relatable and meaningful, and essentially guarantees the fact that “Revenge is best served raw.”