Extra! Extra! College Acceptances are in


They have done it! The late nights of personal essays, tedious personal insight questions, financial aid workshops, and the long wait for college decisions are over, and now comes the luxury for our seniors starting an unforgettable chapter in their lives

With current juniors now next in line for their choice of higher education, current seniors such as Yeni Gonzalez, Fatima Vigil, and Dineh Barragan believe juniors shouldn’t go through the college admission process alone and have offered some guidance. 

Yeni Gonzales, who is currently leaning toward committing to the University of California Los Angeles, wishes to study in the biological field and to minor in Chicano studies, Sociology or Spanish. When it comes to the schools she was admitted to, she is not only happy with the outcomes, but it came as an unexpected surprise to her.

 “I would not have wanted it any other way!” she exclaimed. She also mentions that she is extremely satisfied with her accomplishments. 

When it came to her journey in the college admission process, she shares how she regrets not being able to prioritize her time well, and shared some advice such as for future seniors to be able to start the PIQs during the summer. She also suggests using as many resources as possible, such as her counselor Mrs. Griselda Sanchez and programs here at CI such as Upward Bound. 

“Not only did my counselor help me understand the differences between colleges and completing my application, but she also has given me advice and resources that I can utilize in the future,” Gonzales said.

Dineh Barragan, who will be studying environmental studies with an emphasis in Pre-Law at the University of Southern California, shares her experience in the college admissions process. She described how staff here at CI were able to play an “integral role in [her]  success.” She also pleads to the future senior class to focus the essay portion of the application on themselves. 

“College applications are an opportunity for you to tell colleges who you are and who you want to be,” Barragan said. “Everyone is unique and it’s your chance to share your story.”

She goes on to state how vital it is to apply for scholarships and not compare yourself to everyone else. 

Fatima Vigil, who plans to study human biology with a concentration in forensic science at the University of California San Diego, shares how UCSD was her first option due to the location compared to her other acceptance to Pennsylvania State University. When it came to the admissions process, she shared how programs at CI such as Upward Bound played an important role in understanding the admission process and helping her succeed. She goes on to share advice to the incoming seniors, stressing on the dangers of procrastination.

“Deadlines sneak up on you,” she warned. 

There is no doubt that when it comes to the college admissions process, financial aid is a big factor for many students. All three seniors have claimed that financial aid is a factor in their admissions process as they do not need any financial burden.

With this, the Channel Islands High School staff and students are extremely proud of all their students and are ecstatic about their future. At to end of the year, Gonzales shares one more piece of advice:

“Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your senior year!”