Raiders make plans for summer


  As the school year winds down, people are making plans and figuring out what they want to do this summer. People may be going on vacation, traveling the world, packing for college, finding themselves, or looking for a job.            

             Mr. Mark Saunders, an English teacher here at CI, said, “I’m going to San Diego for my birthday, then after I’ll spend a few nights in Pismo Beach. I will play the guitar and maybe  take piano lessons, also probably roller skating, go to the gym, run, and spend some time with loved ones.” 

Mr. Saunders will also be making money this summer. “I bought some books that I am going to resell for a big profit,” he said. “Paul McCartney signed the books and I’ll be making double my investment. I’m planning to use that profit to pay for my vacations this summer.”

         Hector Ramirez,  a senior here at CI, said, “For this summer I plan on working and going to college to get my degree in business. My goals this summer are to start planning out my future and start taking powerlifting more seriously.” 

He also  went on to say things he likes about summer: “Summer gives me a chance to evolve as a person and gives me time to myself so I can grow both mentally and physically as a person.”

            Kevin Jijada, a junior here at CI, has big plans for his summer. 

“I will be attending summer school to get a step ahead and worry less for the next school year,” Jijada said. “I will also be in search of different job opportunities as summer is the only time I’m not busy with other sports and other activities.

“As far as my goals, I hope to improve my times for next year’s sports. I want to improve overall as an athlete and as a person in general. I hope to start taking better care of my body as far as resting, tending to my injuries, and better nutrition. I want to get that dough and get the summer body we all wish to have.”

Jijada said that he doesn’t have any vacation plans as of right now, but that he just wants to enjoy his time before senior year.  

Now these are some students and teachers that mentioned what they have planned for this summer. As summer gets closer, have you thought about what you will do this summer?