Writers deserve better


We all have our favorite television shows. Many of these we fall for because of the lovable characters we root for or curse at, the unpredictable plots that leave us grinding our teeth, or the craving for more after the credits start to roll. Regardless, all of these factors stem back to the heart of the entertainment industry: writers. 

You would think that since the actors are paying thousands to millions of dollars to star in these roles the writer would see themselves with a large check as well. That is not the case in this day and age. The Writers Guild of America, a union that represents television writers, is on strike at the time of this article being written because many in the union feel that their work in the writing room is not being appreciated.

According to USA Today, the reason so many of these writers are striking is that they are not being paid enough. In fact, many of these writers have said that they have to work multiple jobs to be able to make a basic living income.

You may ask, “How does this affect me?”

Well, if you already can’t wait for a new season of “Stranger Things,” you might have to wait a little longer as it is currently a show being affected by the writer’s strike. This strike also affects streaming services, such as HBO Max and Netflix being the main targets as well as late-night shows, such as  Late Night With Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The writers’ strike is a prime example of how unfair the entertainment industry is. The face of the show is the highest paid, while the people who think of the show itself and spend countless late hours in the writing room trying to satisfy demanding fans are left to struggle. The writers’ strike is not only an opportunity to show how much we need to care for essential people in the entertainment industry but also show how fragile of a system it is. 

If Hollywood is now on pause because of writers, this not only shows how delicate the industry is, but how much we truly rely on words on paper. We see hundreds of movies and shows being released each year, yet we only see the names of the people responsible for coming up with such a well-known movie for a fraction of a second at the very end. Even then, they are clearly not paid enough if they have to choose to pay a bill or have food on the table while the stars of the show and the CEOs of these companies have enough money to eat a ten-course meal at the stern of their yacht. 

This strike is not a distraction or disturbance to the entertainment industry, it is a reality check. The entertainment industry is not just full of pretty faces and intimidating directors, but rather it all stems back to the heart of it all: writers.