A Day in Quarantine: Rachelle Feria


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been eating, sleeping, and repeating. Due to having to be in quarantine, I haven’t seen anyone except my family for a while, which to be honest, is starting to drive me a bit crazy. 

To pass time I’ve started revisiting some old hobbies such as crocheting, baking, and the occasional reading for school. What has also kept me sane this past week is playing the new Animal Crossing, which I’ve used as an escape into a virtual world, since I can’t go out into the real one. 

What I miss most about our pre-quarantine period is secretly discussing prom decorations, seeing my friends at school, brunch with the besties, and preparing for the upcoming spring sports rally that would’ve been one of the best yet. Although technology provides the ability to communicate on a daily basis, it still doesn’t measure up to the feeling of being with them physically. 

Being a junior I have been worried about my grades and how home testing will affect my college application process. Since the end of school, the College Board has been posting updates on how testing will work and when it will be, which has played a big part in putting my mind to ease. I do however feel sorry for the class of 2020 and hope they can make up all the fun times they lost in their senior year this summer. 

Although I’m disappointed I won’t be able to see my friends for a while, I know that staying home is what’s best and the only way we can get through this pandemic safely.