Movie classic still serves up scares

After several long years the suspenseful and intense Halloween series, written by David Gordon Green, finally continued this October.

To me this movie was thrilling and suspenseful. I enjoyed the humor that was included in this film along with the acceptable amount of gore.

In this rated R, 104-minute film, Laurie Strode, played by actor Jamie Lee Curtis, finally comes face to face with Michael Myers, her terrorizer who has haunted her for decades with thoughts and memories of him.

As somebody who has seen the previous Halloween movies, I was delighted to still have the feel and the continuation of the previous movies and not have an entirely new film.

The movie setting shifts multiple times throughout the first few minutes of the film. It begins in the institution where Myers is kept, then it shifts to Strode’s home, then changes to places like a gas station, a high school, and lastly to Strode’s home once again.

The movie begins with Myers escapes shortly after he begins to be transported to a new jail. The suspense builds up after the news is spread that he has escaped. Strode has been waiting for her moment to kill Myers and she prepares for his arrival at her home.

The movie then increases in intensity as both Myers and Strode prepare for each other. Myers murders people along the way to Laurie’s house. During this time Laurie is loading up her guns, waiting for The Boogeyman (Myers).

The most frustrating part throughout the movie was the quick side glimpses of Michael instead of showing his true unmasked face; this did bring me some irritable feelings whenever the filmed seemed as if it were finally about to show Michael’s face but it didn’t.

As the movie comes to an end, Michael and Laurie finally put an end to the built-up tension. They finally meet each other in Laurie’s home.

This movie is filled with laughter, suspense, gore, jump scares, and a conclusion to end the Halloween series.

The conclusion of the film made me feel like justice had finally been served to Michael and I felt like it was a great way to conclude the ending of the series of Halloween movies.