What’s the Most Interesting Food you’ve Tried?

Antonio Ochoa (9th Grade) “ I once tried Kool-Aid pickles because my sister dared me to. I marinated the pickle in the Kool-Aid, then ate it. It tasted bad. There was too much sour for the little bit of sweetness it had. I heard some people like it, but I don’t really like sour things. Pickles also just don’t taste that good to me. I don’t think I’d recommend it.” 

Samantha Ibarra (9th Grade) “One day I put grapes in my Rice Krispies cereal. I didn’t like it at all, but it looked good at the moment. I ended up throwing up after eating it. The flavors didn’t go right together, the Rice Krispies, milk, and grapes. The texture was also gross. It was crunchy and squishy. I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Kevin Ramirez (10th Grade) “My friend asked me if I wanted to try bagels with cream cheese and cheetos, and I did. You just toast the bagel and put the cream cheese and cheetos in between it. It was actually pretty good. I haven’t eaten it since then but I would eat it again.”

Lindsay Juarez (10th Grade) “Ms. Kim made us eat hot cheetos with cream cheese at the wellness center. It was pretty good but a little weird. I think it was a good recommendation. I haven’t eaten it since then but if she were to tell us to eat it again, I would.”

Nicole Olipani (11th Grade) “This is more of a cultural food, but many people would consider this weird; it’s called Balut. It’s basically a duck embryo, and you eat it with the wings and the head. I once ate it in 4th grade and showed my class on the screen; they seemed confused on what it was.”

Herb Gaila (11th Grade) “I once tried tangerines and cream cheese with apple juice and Mountain Dew mixed together. It’s the best combination I’ve ever had in my life. It sounds disgusting but trust me, it’s actually worth it. I tried it on a dare and it turned out to be really good.”

Valeria Alvarez (12th Grade) “McDonald’s vanilla ice cream with fries, but it has to have sprinkles on it. My friends told me to try it one day and my boyfriend just gave me some of his. I liked it so I went to get my own. It turned out to be really good.”Jesus Macias (12th Grade) “ I would say nachos with cheese on top with meat and beans. I enjoy eating beans and meat, and nachos. I think everything combines really well together. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys eating beans and meat as well.”