Ask Raider Sam

Sports offer many benefits

Dear Raider Sam,

I know somebody who has a dad that doesn’t like them playing any sports because he says it’s a waste of time. This girl has always loved playing sports and she gives it her all. Her father, however, never supports any of it. This girl isn’t a bad person; she just loves playing and just wants her dad to understand and to be there through it all.

— Athletic Supporter


Dear Athletic Supporter,

I believe that it is in your friend’s best interests to thoroughly explain to her father how important sports is to her. Sports create many opportunities for students, including making new friends. The passion students have for sports can create a positive community and team with similar goals and interests. Furthermore, sports allow students to stay physically active which may allow some to create physical goals and strive to achieve those goals despite the boundaries, whether it be a physical or mental barrier. Additionally, student athletes can present their accomplishments on college applications. Colleges look for determined students with extracurricular activities, and if they have impressive accomplishments they may receive scholarships to attend their dream school. Although your friend’s father may believe sports are a waste of time, the benefits they provide certainly outweigh the detriments. Good luck!


Dear Raider Sam,

Senior year is stressful and expensive. It’s college app season and I need money for school expenses. To add more stress to the circumstances, getting a job is difficult while I’m not yet 18. These places want people to have job experience but I can’t get that without a job. I’m frustrated and want to not have to stress over money while already stressing about college.

— Broke and Stressed


Dear Broke and Stressed,

I understand your struggles with money and the countless expenses of senior year. My biggest piece of advice would be to save and reduce personal indulgences. Senior year can cost upwards of $2,500; thus, one must start by reducing the ultimate price by minimizing spending. In regards to your employment struggles, I recommend asking friends that work for advice and recommendations in hopes of attempting to work at the same establishments or companies. However, if you are unlucky with your endeavors, I recommend applying for scholarships. Many scholarship organizations cater to underprivileged and minority groups, so you are more likely to receive money for college. I recommend that you disregard the notion of financial issues and focus on applications and the rest of senior year. Good luck!


Dear Raider Sam,

I have no confidence in my dancing but sometimes I have the biggest urge to just make a video and post it. Then, as I’m about to do it, bad thoughts come to me like a flood and they’re telling me that I look horrible and I can’t dance. Those thoughts just come in and ruin my plans and mess with my head. I have tried to be positive with myself but it just gets worse. What do you think I should do Raider Sam?

— Closet Dancer


Dear Closet Dancer,

The first thought that comes to mind would be to make a video with friends. True friends support one another and their struggles with confidence. If you explain your situation to them, they should be able to morally support your dancing and ambitions. And let’s be honest, no one is perfect, and yet many people still post videos of themselves dancing, singing, or having fun in general. They disregard any negative comments and concerns and only indulge in the positivity and praise they receive from others. If you truly want to be happy with yourself, abilities, and appearance, you must first accept that no one is truly perfect and that your anxiety shouldn’t deter you from your ambitions and creativity.