Staff celebrating mothers

Mother’s Day is getting closer by the second. With that, I’d like to talk about why my mom is special and deserves to be honored. My mom, Tashya Davis, is a beautiful and smart woman. She’s funny, intelligent, and independent, and has always strived to make sure that my little sister and I have everything we need. Although my mom is a single parent, she works so hard to make sure we have the life we deserve. My mom raised us to always be polite and show respect to those around us. She currently works two jobs, one as a nurse and another as a dental analyst.

Growing up, my mom had a tough life; she had struggles that me and my sister weren’t aware of. Despite that, she always looked on the bright side of any situation and assured us that everything was going to be alright. My mom loves to laugh and have a good time, regardless of the circumstance. She enjoys looking at sunrises and sunsets, exercising, and taking walks in the Hueneme Harbor. I like going on road trips, visiting new places, and trying new restaurants with her as well. My mom and I share the same food interests. She loves salads, Alfredo, and soul food. One of her favorite spots to eat is at a restaurant down in Los Angeles. My mom is a very loveable person, and I can’t help but idolize her for everything and anything she has done. She fills everyone’s heart with happiness when she walks into any room. Her accomplishments have never failed to amaze me and those around her.