Get to know our ASB President


Senior Xavier Baumgartner is Channel Islands’ ASB  President. He plans on attending a 4-year university after high school, hopefully a UC or Cal State, and major in computer science. 

Baumgartner is not only ASB President, but he is also involved in the Channel Islands’ PASA (Pilipinix-American Student Association) Club, as well as being on the track team and a Wellness Center peer helper. 

Being ASB President requires a lot of work, dedication and time. Baumgartner says with his position he has to facilitate and organize meetings with the club, as well as oversee all of the other clubs at CI and make sure they all run properly.

“As ASB President, you have to be very organized, responsible, and very charismatic,” he said.

Baumgartner says he’s had a passion for ASB since middle school. He had always wanted to be involved even when he didn’t understand the job to its full capacity. 

“I just knew I wanted to be involved,” he said.

Going into his freshman year, he would attend the workshops and he enjoyed the positive energy. During his junior year, he ran for overall vice president and managed to achieve the position. 

Being the overall ASB President can be a hard job to take. Baumgartner shares that one of the challenges he’s faced is trying to “juggle everything at once.”

“It’s a big time commitment… You have to sacrifice a lot of things to be on top of everything,” he said.

Even now, he shares that ASB always tries to plan events months in advance. During the summer, they had already begun planning homecoming and have been planning the winter rally for a while even with Glow Dance taking place. 

But even in harder times, there are always the highlights of the position. 

“I think ASB has made me a very well-rounded person,” Baumgartner says.

He adds that ASB has helped him a lot with being a good leader ands helped him socially and professionally. He’s made fond memories with the people he works with and says work nights are fun. Even if it is time-consuming and a big job to take, Baumgartner says he finds it to be very “worthwhile.”