Binge-worthy shows for the break

I understand that finding a show that you can truly enjoy watching every episode of can sometimes take longer than watching the show itself. Especially when you’ve just finished one and need to fill that void with a new one.

I’ve gathered the top three shows that people are currently loving on Netflix.

If you’re into dramatic/suspenseful shows that will keep you at the edge of your seat, then the captivating show “American Horror Story” is made for you.

Not only does this series include some of the best and most realistic acting that I have seen, it features the incredible Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and even Lady Gaga, just to name a few.

Each season is its own mini-series played by mostly the same actors. Although all different, every season really captures the casts’ talent as they take on different roles. They are ready to captivate your attention with their unsettling and gruesome madness.

Netflix really outdid themselves with the Netflix original “Big Mouth.”

The animated show sadly only has two seasons out so far; however, due to it being such a hit you can expect there to be many more to come. The show focuses on what it is like to go through puberty through the eyes of 7th grader Nick Birch, Andrew Glouberman, and his friends in a very Rated M for mature manner.

With that being said if you’re not into shows like “Family Guy” or “American Dad” then this show isn’t for you.

“The Office” (U.S.A) is a fake reality show that mostly takes place in a paper company office in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and is somewhat uneventful compared to the other shows on this list.

However, it is hands down the most addictive. I can’t guarantee the show is for everyone, but without a doubt it is on a lot of people’s binge-worthy lists. It might be because each episode is packed into 20 minutes, or maybe because of Dwight K. Schrute!

With most of it being dialogue you would expect it to be boring but there’s rarely a dull moment, only awkward, sarcastic, cringe worthy ones. With this show, before you know it you’ll be on season 9 episode 21, but don’t be sad that it’s over! Just rewatch the whole show all over again. You’d be surprised, it’s just as good as watching it for the first time.

Please binge watch responsibly. The Isle File is not responsible for any lowering of your grades.