Tired of waiting for updated grades

At CIHS, we use StudentVue and ParentVue so students and parents can view grades and see what scores they’ve received on assignments. The problem seems to be that grades aren’t being put in within a timely manner.

I am very understanding of teachers when it comes to grading. They have hundreds of students and it takes some time to grade each paper and then enter scores into a computer system. The problem comes for me when it’s already been a week and teachers have not put in any grades. Then I’m anticipating when will I get my scores? Did I do good? Will this end up being my report card grade?

Some students, including me, have strict parents and/or involved parents who are just as concerned with our grades. Sometimes my mom asks me what grade I got on a test or project and I don’t know. She sees that I’m up late doing homework all week and there isn’t a grade for the hard work I put into it.

When it gets down to the end of quarters and semesters is when it’s the worst because if by some chance you’re missing something, or you don’t know scores before, sometimes the paper home doesn’t show what’s online or how your grade may have improved. I think the school needs to improve the way we use StudentVue.