Lots of laughs during senior activities

The Green-Eyed Hypnotist puts seniors to sleep.


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Senior year is ending, and now it’s time for the Class of 2017 to enjoy what’s left of a free education, and senior activities.

One of the most anticipated activities of the year was the hypnotist show. Whether you were on stage getting hypnotized or just watching in amazement it was eventful.

The Green-Eyed Hypnotist began the morning with the entire senior class doing some exercises to see whether they could be hypnotized. These exercises tested imagination and listening skills with instructions that forced the audience to try and picture their hands glued together.

The hypnotist took 22 volunteers from the audience, but only a handful were under the hypnosis. He had them act like they were driving their dream car, speeding down the highway, and getting pulled over. He then instructed them to be grand pianists who played with not only their hands but their feet and chins as well.

Elma Del Aguila, one of the participants of the hypnotist show, said “I don’t remember doing anything but I do remember the sensations. I remember my foot was cold and smelling someone disgusting then suddenly smelling someone who smelled amazing… Looking back at the videos, I don’t remember doing any of that but I find it extremely funny to watch.”

Raina Coria, an audience member, stated, “It was funny to see one of my best friends (Elma Del Aguila) do the craziest stuff on stage. It surprised me how easily she let herself go into hypnosis.”

Del Aguila was told by the Green-Eyed Hypnotist to be a human seatbelt and she “protected” Joshua Carin and Frank Romero from anything and everything. She climbed on top of them and held on for dear life.

Jessica Ramirez was told she hated the word ice cream and screamed every time that word was spoken. Devin Romines and Carin were instructed to walk in slow motion and hug like they hadn’t seen each other in years.

After the Hypnotist show, ASB arranged a slideshow of pictures of seniors throughout their 4 years here at the Islands, it was an emotional video that tugged on some hearts strings.

Senior Activities was a day to create memories and celebrate with friends. Soon enough they’ll all be going down their own paths. It was a day to remember.

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