Prom 2017: Raiders take A Flight to Remember


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Prom 2017 was definitely A Flight to Remember.

From having hair and makeup done, to the dresses and tuxedos, to the heels, to the memorable pictures followed by the nice dinner with friends, it was all worth it.

Prom 2017 took place at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley. The venue featured an amazing view, and many Raiders took advantage and took pictures to have the beautiful scenery in the background.

Senior Serena Gomez said, “Prom was an amazing night filled with unforgettable memories. I spent the night with my handsome boyfriend and wonderful friends. It was definitely a flight to remember!”

It was set up beautifully with a photo booth, poker table, drinks and snacks, caricature booth and tables for students and staff to sit. Down the elegant stairway was the dance floor with more tables set up in case the students wanted to sit down during the dance.

Many girls looked beautiful and guys were looking sharp! It was enjoyable to see what others look outside of school and their usual day to day clothing. Everyone cleaned up nicely.

Many students danced, took pictures and interacted with other students at the activities they had for us. Some got out of their comfort zone with some wild dancing.

Another senior Ady Sanchez said, “Prom was everything that I expected. Seeing everyone all dressed up was so great!”

Her favorite part was slow dancing with her date. “It was A Flight to Remember,” she added.

As for Prom King and Queen, Thomas Silva and Jenny Biggerstaff took the ultimate royalty crowns that night. Following them  were Senior Prince Jaylen Valoaga and Senior Princess Rebecca Ledesma. As for junior Prince and Princess, Josemanuel Ortiz and Alejandra Jimenez were crowned.

Senior Carlos Herrera talked about his experience saying, “It was a night I will always remember with good laughs and great dancing.”

After the crowning, students enjoyed more dancing and activities. Cameras flashing everywhere, laughs and big smiles filled up the room as the night was almost coming to an end. Everyone enjoyed the dance and amazing company all around. It was full of joy and fun times for both juniors and seniors to look back on.

Senior Eric Mottu had the time of his life and it was an unforgettable night spent with his friends and beautiful girlfriend.

Prom 2017 ended and everyone was left with a lifetime of memories.

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Prom 2017: Raiders take A Flight to Remember