Short Flags take Nationals

Photo by: Cecilia Jimenez


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It’s that time of the year again! Competition season. For the banners team, they have competed at West Covina High School placing first and Street Dance placing third. Gaby Guerrero, the banners captain, says, “It’s bittersweet, I’ll miss probably the bond and the competitions.”

All-Female captain Fatima Guzman has been on the team for four years stating, “It’s tiring, stressful, time-consuming, but boy oh boy was it worth it! It’s helped me with leadership skills and life lessons. Everything I learned on the team I know I’ll use for later in life.”

Guzman also mentioned that she looks forwards to coming back and seeing how far her girls have gotten since all female has never been this big and everyone except herself are coming back next year. The theme for this year’s routine is Mean Girls and have placed first for Street Dance and Saugus.

When asked about how he feels about the year coming to an end, All Male captain, John Domingo, stated, “As a four-year member, I feel very proud of the legacy I’m leaving behind and I’m confident that the boys will keep that legacy alive.” His favorite memory was, “when [his] co-captain was in the bathroom pooping and I threw a whole trash can in his stall.”

As of right now they are focusing on working on being the best they can be, to exceed their limits and reach their individual goals. All Male has also placed first for both West Covina and Saugus.

Carla Reyes, the Short Flags captain, enjoys everything from the team bond to competition performances. If Reyes can describe Short Flags in three words it would be, “Dedication, work, and fun.” For this squad, they have received second place for Agoura and West Torrance.

The last competition for the dance teams, banners, and drill was held at the Anaheim convention center on Friday, March 31. Short Flags got first place at Nationals on March 25 for two flag, and second for one flag completing their competition season.

Raiders, support your national champion squads!

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Short Flags take Nationals