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What is your most embarrassing moment?


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“I tripped and fell in front of the whole class.” — Alan Ayala, freshman

“One day I walked into the girls’ restroom by accident.” — Stevie Ortiz, freshman

“Two months ago I was walking down the stairs. I saw a bomb girl and I fell up the stairs. She asked if I was OK and I said, ‘Yeah, I just fell over your beauty.’ ” — Miles Minier, sophomore

“I got bird pooped on.” — Alejandro Serratos, sophomore

“I got pooped on twice, but the next day I found $45.” — Iris Rivas, junior

“Freshman year I was walking a girl to class and a bird pooped on my arm. I panicked and rubbed it off on the girl and told her she got pooped on.” — Saul Garcia, junior

 “I was in class freshman year. During a test there was a pencil on the floor and I stepped on it and rubbed my foot on top of the pencil; the friction created a loud imitating fart sound, and everyone in class looked at me thinking I farted.”– Juan Ortiz, senior

“One time in a basketball game I got the ball and started dribbling the wrong way, but luckily I got fouled.” — Vanessa Soto, senior

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