Get to know CI’s new School Resource Officer


Courtney Robbs outside of the Oxnard Police Department

Officer Courtney Robbs, a 2009 Channel Islands High School graduate, has returned as CI’s new School Resource Officer. She’s replaced Officer Ryan Carey, who was recently promoted to corporal.

Officer Robbs says some of her favorite memories at CI include her favorite teacher, Mrs. Milly Madonna, who teaches AP English for seniors. She says that Mrs. Madonna “was an amazing role model and since she was  my  favorite teacher, her class was one of the only classes I  looked forward to every day.”

Robbs played for CI’s varsity basketball team and says that the sport was like an outlet for her. “No matter what was going on at home, I knew I had something to look forward to each day,” she said. She said the sport taught her discipline, how to work under pressure, and teamwork, and helped keep her grades up. “Staff like my coach and Mrs. Madonna helped shape who I am today and I will always be grateful for them,” Robbs added.

Officer Robbs’ interest in law enforcement “stemmed from experiences in [her] upbringing.” She shares that while growing up, law enforcement was not seen in a positive light in her household. Though regardless of her family’s views, she always “admired” law enforcement and wanted to “make a positive impact on the community.” Robbs has been with the Oxnard Police Department for almost 5 years and within that time she has worked patrol, as an explorer advisor, and now here as an SRO.