Women deserve more respect


Mahsa Amini was killed in an Iranian prison on Sept. 16, 2022, due to the outrageous reason of not wearing her head scarf the “right way.” 

The mandatory dress code came into effect after the Iranian revolution in 1979. Less than a month later, the hijab was then a mandatory clothing item women had to have on when they were in public or in the workplace. 

There have been many protests after this rule was put into place. Women in Iran do not want to be told what they should wear, rightfully so. Women are being beaten, harassed and made a target in Iran for no reason. These women do not deserve to be prepared to die the same way Amini died just because their headscarf was not worn “properly.” 

Women should have the choice to be able to wear a headscarf or not, but no one should die over it. No police officer or government official should beat a women and torture her to death for hair showing. No woman anywhere should have to look in the mirror and be concerned that her outfit could get her killed.

Since the unfortunate and disgusting death of Amini, there have been worldwide protests over her wrongful death. Women in the streets of Iran are showing their hair in pride and protest as well as taking scissors and cutting large pieces of their locks. It would almost seem like these fierce and more than brave women are invincible, that these heroes will never die. 

According to the New York Times, close to 15,000 people have been arrested from the protests; more than 450 people have been killed; and about 2,000 people have been sentenced.

Here in the United States, we have been taught to advocate, protest, and speak out when we do not agree with a problem, whether that be with the government or society as a whole. We do not expect punishment as a result of our protest; we do not expect to take our last breath while fighting for basic human rights. We do not expect to be silenced, like a child covering their ears when they refuse to listen.

People should not be punished or worse, killed, for advocating their rights. These protesters in support of Amini have not hurt anyone, yet we see pictures of them in the media with blood stained clothes and tears in their eyes. 

Women in Iran are disrespected, harassed, abused and mistreated. Women in Iran do not deserve this type of despicable behavior. Women in Iran deserve to have the freedom to speak out. Women in Iran should not be killed over their hair. Women in Iran need to be appreciated and protected.

Women in Iran don’t need to fight for basic human rights; they should already have them.