Teacher Salary Raise

At least in one way, it will be a Happy New Year for teachers in the Oxnard Union High School District.

According to a proposed new contract, teachers would receive an 11.25 percent raise retroactive to last July. Not only are teachers getting a raise, but all of the employees of the school will also be getting a raise if the negotiating goes well; this will include paraeducators, secretaries, bus drivers, maintenance workers, custodians, cafeteria workers, and more.  

On January 11-12 all teachers and employees will vote  to either agree or disagree with the contract for it to pass. After all, teachers and staff have chosen to vote, it would go to the school board to get approved or not.

Dr. Ed Ransom, a CI social science teacher, is a part of the Union executive board and the contract negotiations team. Ransom said,  “This year the formula was renegotiated as a part of the contract. The negotiation around the formula centers on the percentage of funds that will be used for teacher salaries and benefits.”

 Ransom explained that last year teachers got 69% of the District’s money. In this new contract, the teachers will get 69.6 percent of the money. With the new formula, employees generated an 11.25 percent on-schedule pay raise. So, for instance, a teacher making $100,000 a year would soon be making $111,250.

If the contract passes, there will  also be a 2.75 percent  off-schedule raise. “This is more like a bonus, or one-time money,” Mr. Ransom said.

He also said, “All teacher union members will vote on the teacher contract in January. If the teachers vote to approve this contract then the pay raise will happen in February.” 

I asked a couple teachers here on campus one of them, was a math teacher Ms. Samantha Macias said, “I am glad we got the raise. With the inflation going on, I feel like the raise evens us out. t also allows me to be able to do things off my wishlist, and take my best friend Miguel Hernandez out to eat once in a while to be able to say ‘It’s on me.’ ” 

Mr. Eddie Ramos mentioned, “I will invest the money and save it since inflation has its own mind.” He is an Economics and Government teacher, so he is going to be safe with his money once they do receive the raise. Mrs. Kimberly Tahsuda mentioned “I am thrilled to receive a raise, especially one so lucrative. We, teachers, are fortunate to work for one of the highest paying districts in California – where our profession is valued and teachers are compensated at a rate that is representative of our service and skills. 


The additional funds will make it easier for my family to save money to use towards some home improvement projects. I would love to one day to expand and add a second bathroom and something fun like a hot tub. I also will have a kid in college soon – university is expensive!”