Surviving Quarter 1 in Quarantine

 I did very good in my classes for quarter one. I ended my classes with all A’s. I didn’t find anything difficult about this distance learning. In my opinion I felt that the teachers did a very good job on giving us all the resources we needed to complete our work, and I also did very well in any test we had and the final.

The teachers that I had made distance learning very understandable being that we are over a screen. I enjoyed that I was able to complete the work and the outcome was what I expected. Also, I enjoyed that we are on our own time to complete the homework which made it a lot easier and very much less stressful. Another thing was that if we had any questions, we were able to get one on one time after our class.

What I realized about myself as a student a lot. I realized that being behind a screen wasn’t going to stop me from getting a 4.0. I realized that having all these sources to complete my work was a lot easier for myself and getting my work done isn’t an issue. Another thing I realized was that it was a lot easier for me to keep track of my work because, being online all your work is listed instead of having paperwork and wondering if it’d be due or not.

My tech skills were better because having all the instructions makes everything a lot easier to get where you wanna go and I felt that my teachers did a good job putting them out for us which help with homework and tests.