Ms. Sanchez Leaves the Islands

EAOP director reaches new heights

Ms. Sanchez Leaves the Islands

Ms. Griselda Sanchez, CI’s Early Academic Outreach Program director, is, unfortunately, sailing off from the Islands to pursue a new position as assistant director of UC Santa Barbara’s EAO program. 

In this new position, Ms. Sanchez will decide on and create services that will prepare students for college and encourage them to pursue higher education for schools in Ventura County. She will work at UCSB alongside the main coordinator. 

Here at the Islands, Ms. Sanchez helps students preparing for their future as the campus director of EAOP. She holds meetings, organizes field trips to different colleges, and generally keeps students on track to pursue higher education.

As she will soon leave to do greater things, one of the things she will miss would be working with students. Channel Islands will be a place she’ll hold close as she graduated from here in 1997; she came back to work here for another four and a half years. Surely, coming back to work here at the Islands is an immediate yes as she connects with many students including staff. As she says, “Once a Raider, Always a Raider.”

Her love for helping students came from peer mentoring at her college. In college, she joined clubs such as ASB and helped in different organizations. As part of ASB, she helped make decisions that would benefit the overall population of students.

A strong memory that Ms. Sanchez holds was one that happened three years ago at graduation when three valedictorians thanked her for the help they received from her. She felt overwhelmed with happiness knowing that it “made her job worth it,” as she said, and showed they were grateful. Ms. Sanchez has been very impactful and she will always be remembered for all the hard work she put into helping students achieve a higher education. Although she will no longer be here at CI, she will never be forgotten at the Islands.