CI Love Story

Kaitlyn Abarientos and Tyler Santiago


Kaitlyn Abarientos and Tyler Santiago are two seniors who have been together for over 3 years. They met in their AP Human Geography class freshman year and had their first encounter when Tyler greeted Kaitlyn at their lockers in front of B building. 

It was after a home football game in front of the band room where they had decided to make it official. On September 30, 2016, Tyler had come up to Kaitlyn to ask the question that he had been mentally preparing himself for throughout the night. When asked to be his girlfriend kaitlyn simply replied with “sure,” and like that their story began. 

Over the years they have only gotten closer and their relationship grew stronger. What Kaitlyn admires the most about him is his strength. In more detail she says,“When it comes to criticism and negative remarks, he never lets it get to him and that is something I envy.” Tyler on the other hand admires “her intellect and her tendency to try new things.” For example, the fact that she hadn’t tried a strawberry until sophomore year.

Like all young love there are ups and downs, but what makes their relationship work is their ability to look past the minor differences. What Kaitlyn dislikes the most about Tyler is his constant inability to be punctual. She says that he is always 15-30 minutes late for every date and it is “a never forgotten memory.” Tyler describes her as a “very emotional sensitive person” whose emotional threshold and constant need to stress over little things is his biggest disfavor. 

Despite their difference in opinions, when it comes to the foundation of their relationship, they are on the same page.  Between the two of them they believe the key to a healthy relationship is personal space, being yourself, empathy, listening, and communication. Whether its a constant need for all at once or balance between a few, Kaitlyn and Tyler seem to have found their middle ground. 

Throughout their three years together they have learned about each other as well as relationships in general. Kaitlyn believes that Tyler has taught her patience. She states, “people just get busy and don’t have the time, but I’ve learned to be patient which makes our time together more valuable.” What Tyler has learned is that relationships are not like the movies. He has taken note of the fact that “Not everything is going to be good all the time or will turn into a musical.” But since you don’t find them breaking into songs as they walk down the halls, it goes without saying that what these two have is completely genuine.