Young Love


Ralph and Noelle spending their anniversary at Disneyland.

Love fills the air with Ralph Garcia and Noelle Mantes as they ring in their second Valentine’s Day together. Their young love began in the seventh grade when they began to hang out in the same friend group. They started as nothing but a pair of friends, but Garcia always believed they were destined for more. After a year of friendship, Ralph was able to win over her heart, and asked Noelle to be his girlfriend on Dec. 27, 2018. 

Garcia and Mantes have learned to love and hate some of each other’s characteristics. When asked what their pet peeves are for each other, Garcia said “Her attitude when she’s annoyed.” When asking Mantes the same question she states, “A pet peeve I have is when he tickles me when we eat.”

They were then both asked about what traits they admire the most. “Noelle is really hardworking and determined with what her passions are. She doesn’t easily give up what she wants to do,” says Garcia. Mantes then claims, “A trait I admire about Ralph is that he genuinely cares for me. He always makes sure I’m happy and never fails to make me laugh.”

 As they have endured the ups and downs from past relationships, they have learned a few tricks on how to keep their relationship healthy. “What I think makes a relationship work is being able to balance our own personal life with the relationship and also communication,” says Mantes.