Senior princess leads busy life


Muriel Anthony on Homecoming night: she is one of CI’s valedictorian candidates

You’ve seen her crowned as princess, speeding down the track, and acing all her classes, it’s the one and only, Muriel Anthony. Anthony is the reigning Homecoming Senior Princess for Channel Islands. She described her winning experience as “shocking,” as the voting poll initially ended in a tie, though she ended victoriously. She described her winning experience memorable and a homecoming she never wants to forget.

In addition to her being involved in the homecoming court, she is currently involved in: Link Crew, History Club, Bible Club, EAOP, UBCI, Treasurer of Mecha, President of the Science Club and Track and Field. Anthony takes pride in being one of the fastest 300 hurdlers in the county since sophomore year. Though her athletic ability doesn’t outshine her academics, she is in the running for valedictorian for the current senior class. After high school she hopes to attend a university and graduate with a degree in Biology.

Coach Prum the Athletic Director, and Track and Field coach states, “Muriel is a competitor. She competes in everything she does from academics to sports. She is never satisfied with doing something well, Muriel will always put full effort and research in what she wants to accomplish so that she is able to WIN,”.

Anthony hopes to leave her mark at the Islands as someone who is kind and hopes to spread her positive attitude to everyone. She proclaims, “Many times, what people need is not a mind that speaks, but a heart that listens,”