Measure A funds pay for ‘facelift’

Measure A, passed by voters in 2018, granted OUHSD schools up to $350 million through the sale of bonds. This money is meant to pay for the improvement of school facilities, as well as build and equip a new high school to serve the district’s students. CI will receive an estimated amount of $42 million.

CI has already put some of this bond money into action. Last year we saw security upgrades with the installment of new security cameras and the installation of classroom door Lock-Block retrofit. The asphalt parking lot also received a repavement.

As for future projects, CI will be undergoing what Principal Roger Adams calls a “facelift.”

Many new facilities are in the works, including a Performing Arts Center, something Mr. Adams believes is much needed.

“We have so many talented students here as far as the arts go,” Adams said. “We have been built on this foundation of excellence when it comes to athletics, the arts, and academics. However, we don’t necessarily have the facilities for the arts.”

The center would be a place where students can showcase their art, he said. CI’s awarding-winning squads would also benefit from this center as they would be able to practice indoors and host showcases.

Mr. Adams would like to see an improvement in the way a classroom is arranged, having furniture that would allow students to be more interactive and give them opportunities to learn by teaching or doing.

Adams added, “Our library will be so much more than a library. I want to create something that you would see at a university, like a student media center.”

This “student center” would be a place for students to find college and career information, a wellness center for emotional support, and a place to hang out before, during and after school.

Many of our sports will be benefiting from new facilities. The tennis courts will be replaced, the football field will be getting artificial turf, and the snack bar, restrooms, and ticket booth will be renovated.

Eventually, CI will be seeing a new aquatic center. The gym is also expected to be modernized with new ventilation, bleachers, and flooring.

Mr. Adams said none of these renovations will happen overnight, but there are plans in place to get them up and running.