Chromebooks are here


English students practice vocabulary on their new Chromebooks

Every student at CI has received a Chromebook this year; however, many have mixed feelings about them.

Alejandra Orozco, a senior, claims that “I both love it and don’t. I love that it’s easier for me to be organized and gives me access to things.”

Some students claim that the Chromebooks are a big responsibility and an extra weight.

Seniors and possibly others received older Chromebooks from the COWs (Computers on Wheels), and they feel that they should have gotten the new ones since it is their last year.

Cherish Moralez, a senior, expresses, “The Chromebooks are convenient but outdated.” She added that she’d rather have an iPad, “which is more modern.”

Many students, however, believe that the Chromebook’s benefits outweigh their cons. For example, Melissa Mendoza, a sophomore, believes that “it’s the best resource the school could have provided us, because some families can’t afford computers. By providing the Chromebooks the school is giving students an opportunity to have faster access to technology and more resources to finish homework.”

Along with the Chromebook, students also received a charger and carrying case. Last week, some eligible students had the opportunity to check out Wi-Fi hot spots.

Students are also able to customize and decorate their Chromebooks.

Teachers are also seeing how many improvements this new technology has brought to not only the students but the classroom as a whole. First-year English teacher Mr. Daniel Santos says that the Chromebooks help make it “easier for grading, plus using Google Docs helps prepare my students for college.”

Mr. Roger Adams, CI principal, sees the Chromebooks as another way to prepare students for college, career and life. Adams states that “Technology moves fast,” and that “We need to prepare students for jobs that haven’t even been created yet.”

In the future, he would like to see classes that focus on robotics, coding and mechanics.