Gamers’ Spotlight: ‘Three Houses’ earns 10/10 rating

“Fire Emblem: Three Houses,” a game developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo Games (published by Nintendo), is currently rising as one of Nintendo’s greatest games.

Although “Three Houses” is the sixteenth game in the franchise, this game is great for beginners of the series. The story doesn’t require any knowledge of the previous game, it is a stand-alone type of game.

The story follows a mercenary named Byleth, who goes on to save three people from a group of bandits. These three turn out to be students who lead their respective houses at the Garreg Mach School. This school harbors students from every region of the world of Fodlan (The Kingdom, Empire, and Alliance).

After saving the three students, Byleth is chosen to become a new professor at the school of Garreg Mach. After meeting the student leaders formally and their respective classmates, Byleth’s big decision is to choose which of the three houses to be a part of and teach.

This part is where the game becomes interesting. Each path has its own unique story line, and the parts that are similar have different pieces of lore attached to them. Choosing one path offers its own unique experience

The Blue Lions path follows Dimitri, the future ruler of the Kingdom. After Fodlan is brought into war, Dimitri suffers as he is unable to deal with the deaths of his close friends and family. In this path, Byleth helps Dimitri reclaim his throne while trying to end the war of Fodlan.

The Golden Deer path follows Claude, the future leader of the Alliance. In this route, the focus on the story isn’t on the inevitable war of Fodlan. Rather, this route focuses on the mysteries of Fodlan, as both Byleth and Claude discover more and more mysteries of the world

Last, but not least, the Black Eagles path follows the story of Edelgard, the future leader of the Empire. In this route we follow Edelgard as she grows into the leader she is bound to be. In this route we see many parts of the game in a different light, whether for the good or for the bad.

The mechanics in this game are similar to that of chess: You move pieces (characters) and attack your opponent based on the type of attack you have. Many of the more complicated mechanics, were either removed or tweaked in a way that makes it more accessible to newer players.

This game has so many options that it can honestly be overwhelming. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The only issue I had was that when it was released it was way too easy for me, but with the constant new updates I have definitely been challenged (especially with the new maddening mode).

Overall, I think this is by far one of the best games I have ever played. I truly believe this game to be a 10/10.