Helpful hints for freshmen

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Helpful hints for freshmen


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As hard and intimidating as freshman year sounds, it’s actually not that bad with the right guidance. Gathered here are some tips to help you succeed through your rigorous but fun year as a high school freshman.

1. Get Involved! Join a sport, club, academy or band. The Islands is full of school spirit because of the arts it holds. Being a part of it will boost your experiences here at CI.

2. Be Organized! Having time management and organization will help you with all the documents you’ll receive; it’s best to keep them organized and safe.

3. Explore. The Islands is full of many wonderful opportunities. We have a big campus with many services and programs for you to check out. CI is most known for their upbeat, extravagant dances and spirited games.

4. Stay Focused. The classes you take are important. It’s best to stay focused. The material your teachers are teaching is vital to your survival in the class.

5. Do Your Homework. Some of the problems you have can even relate to everyday life, which expands your learning even more.

6. Look Ahead. It’s best to look into your interests and if college is the path for you. You can begin looking into colleges or jobs that interest you, and talk to some of our counselors or teachers about it for more information.

7. Know Your Limits. There is only so much your body and brain can do, and you’re the person who knows your capabilities. If you start to feel stressed, tired or even sick, take a break. Don’t overwork yourself.

8. Be Nice and Social. Kindness is the key element of making friends. Be kind to everyone and put yourself out there.

9. Be Yourself. You are still young and may be influenced to try new things. You may change from time to time, but don’t change just to fit in.

10. Enjoy Freshman Year. Freshman year is a fresh start from middle school and the time to make a change. Enjoy the youthfulness in your days. Trust me, four years will come and go before you know it.