Raiders Rally for Antoine


Photo taken by Samantha Rios

Mr. Antoine Latimer, right, with fellow supervisor Mr. Pete Rivas and paraeducator Mr. Fernando Calzada

Mr. Antoine Latimer, a CI campus supervisor, has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the Islands and the community within. From his charismatic charm to his friendly guidance, Antoine’s company is always enjoyed and appreciated.

Even through the toughest hardships, Antoine’s affable nature persists and his positivity remains undamaged. Antoine’s current hardship has not only tested his optimism but also his health.

Around winter break, Antoine was diagnosed with liver cancer. While the details and knowledge of his illness are slightly unknown to the CI community, Raiders and teachers have come together to show their support and appreciation of Antoine.

Ms. Lauren Rogers and Ms. Heather Molloy, CI teachers, organized a “meal train” that allows people to provide and deliver a meal to Antoine. Since the meal system was started a month ago, several close friends and co-workers have generously provided him a meal.

Ms. Rogers and Ms. Malloy arranged the system in order to eliminate small duties from Antoine’s time off, so he can focus on his health and path to recovery.

Ms. Rogers, in particular, has been great friends with Antoine ever since his arrival to the Islands in 2011. She has personally witnessed the impact he’s had on the community and the influential figure he is on campus.

“Everyone here has become family to him and considers him family,” says Ms. Rogers. “He’s such a huge presence on our campus.”

Ms. Zazil Sanchez and her Peer Resource students also compiled a message system where Raiders were able to

send their wishes and words of comfort to Antoine through a short letter. A booth was set up out in the quad where students were given a small decorated piece of paper that they can use to communicate their support to Antoine and reassure him of their endless respect.

Mr. Peter Rivas, most commonly known as Petey, is Antoine’s partner in crime. As a fellow campus supervisor, he’s grown extremely close to Antoine during the past 10 years and considers him a brother. Working so close to Antoine has taught him the value of friendship and the true definition of a loyal companion.

“He’s such a great friend and employee. He’s like my brother,” says Petey. “I miss him.”

Despite his current absence from the Islands, teachers and students are finding thoughtful ways to show their support for Antoine. From prepared meals to letters wishing him well, CI’s admiration and gratitude for Antoine hasn’t gone unnoticed.