Three Raiders are PVL wrestling champions

Photo by Gustavo Lopez

This year’s CI wrestling team had some standout stars that became Pacific View League champions.

Osvaldo Pantoja, a senior, also went 4-1 to become league champion for his second time in his four years of wrestling. He said that he felt relieved after he had won again after all the effort he had put in this season. Most of his training was mostly running and eating a lot of junk food, he says. Pantoja, who wrestles at 182 pounds, placed fourth at CIF last weekend to advance to this weekend’s Master’s meet.

Marcos Barranco, a senior, went 5-0 at the PVL finals in the 132-pound class. He became a champion for the first time in his last year here at the Islands. He has been wrestling for 3 years now and he says that finally being champ makes him feel accomplished; most of his training consisted of him running and staying in shape. He went 2-2 at last weekend’s CIF meet.

Constantino Barranco, Marcos’s brother and a sophomore, went 4-1 at the PVL finals. Constantino became a champ for his first time after two years of wrestling. He says that he felt surprised after he won because people doubted that he would beat his opponent. He said most of his training consisted of mental readiness and just thinking that he can win. He placed 8th at CIF at 160 pounds.

Several CI girls advanced from CIF to this weekend’s CIF-Master’s meet at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Corona. They are Yajaira Cerero (116, 8th), Maria Duran (101, 7th), Esmeralda Gracida (138, 7th) and Maria Ramirez 160, 2nd).