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Senior year is a bill in itself


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Between Homecoming, graduation gowns, and Grad Night — just to name a few — seniors are possibly spending more than they have in the last four years combined. While not every aspect of “Senior festivities” are a necessary investment, they are a celebratory form of preparation for the conclusion of not only high school, but a student’s adolescence. Only roughly three months into the nearly 10-month academic year, “senior life” has taken its toll on both my mental state and my wallet.

Spending hefty amounts of money senior year has become a form of initiation. While I wasn’t necessarily blindsided by the apparently endless opportunities to spend, my expectations did little to prepare me for the constant senior bills that arise, and I’m not the only one. Misery loves company, and my peers and I find relief in sharing the misfortune that is paying club fees and funding colleges through our application fees. While one may opt to avoid the excess spending, the mentality that keeps seniors spending is the fact that “it’s senior year.” Not partaking in events allowed for seniors causes a fear of missing out that leads them to continue spending. While the prices vary, the tab constantly rises.

While I could continue listing exactly why senior year is expensive, I’ll cut my tangent short. Senior year is expensive to an extent past expectations. To the younger generations on the Channel Islands’ campus, especially the class of 2020, I earnestly advise to save money now. Put money away for graduation gowns, college applications, prom, club fees, and anything else you’ll find requires money.  While senior year may seem like a world away, time flies. It seems only a few weeks ago I was navigating through freshman year. Luckily, what I’ve concluded thus far is that the investments lead to the formation of memories that have the potential to end your high school chapter on a high note.

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Senior year is a bill in itself