Officer Carey settles in

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Officer Carey settles in


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When Officer Tamara McCready left last June after a whole 19 years on our campus, some were wondering who would take the mantle and be our new campus resource officer. The answer came in the form of Officer Ryan Carey.

Officer Carey, who has been an officer for 18 years, started his career around the end of 2001. Carey was originally a lifeguard who decided to have a ride-along with an officer. The experience brought him to the realization that he wanted to be an officer. So that’s what he did. He left the lifeguard job and joined the police force soon after.

After working as a police officer for three years, he decided to transfer into the job of a school officer. He stayed at Oxnard High School for another three years until deciding that it was time to move on.

He personally decided to come to the Islands after hearing about Officer McCready’s leave. His first thoughts on CI were very positive.

He says, “The students are very friendly and the staff is very friendly too.”

He is still getting to know everyone so he encourages students to go up and talk to him about whatever they want to talk about. Conversation starters include his love for basketball and his love for the school environment.

People usually see conversations with police officers to be a bad experience. Officer Carey wants to let everyone know that they should feel comfortable talking to him for any reason.  He also mentions that even if the meeting is for a “negative reason, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. I want the students know that they could come to me for any reason at all.”

Officer Carey’s office is next to the ASB room and is found around the quad during lunch. He is always open for any questions or conversations.

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