Boy Pablo delivers with latest album

With an original date of publication being the fifth of October, Norwegian Indie-pop artist, Boy Pablo, released his sophomore album, Soy Pablo. The three stand out tracks from this album are “Feeling Lonely”, “Sick Feeling” and “Losing You”. I personally listened to all of these songs on their date of publication and enjoyed them.

The very first track on Soy Pablo is “Feeling Lonely”, during my initial listen of this song was that the song is very upbeat in tempo. It is very quickly balanced out with the context of saddening and almost depressing description of Munoz’s feeling of loneliness due to his assumed recent heartbreak. These details regarding his heartbreak are further expressed throughout the two verses and subsequent chorus.

The bridge nearing the end of this song is very melodic and provides a slightly different experience sonically before returning to the chorus, ending the first song. The third track of this album and first release of the 3 singles, “Sick Feeling” is my personal favorite song on the album. The song is very catchy, has a melodic chorus, and has the continued theme of heartbreak.

Initial thoughts of the track regarding the lyrical content surprised me with the detail in describing the feeling the artist is going through. Sonically, this song is very pleasing to the ear, intertwined in the mix are synth bells that give off a spacy feel.

“Losing You” maintains the most pop-elements out of every other song on Soy Pablo, repeating a five-note synth bell melody and chorus throughout the song.