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Senior Voices | Class of 2018

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Senior Voices | Class of 2018


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What will you be doing in the fall?

“Attending OC to eventually transfer to UC Merced.”
— Gerardo Nava

“I am going to be at boot camp to get ready to go for the Navy.”
— Evelin Garcia

“I will be attending UCSB to study electrical engineering.”
— Danny Hernandez

“I will be attending OC while working full time at a nursing home.”
— Aidee Gutierrez

“Attending UC Davis studying neurobiology, physiology and behavior.”
— Jennifer Lainez

“I will be attending CSUCI during the fall.”
— Jackie Gonzalez

“Going to college, helping my family financially, and going to work.”
— Madori Magoon

“Working since I decided to take a year off, then I will be going back to school or the military.”
— Luis Calderón

“Going to UCLA.”
— Eric Ortiz

“Going to Ventura College and playing football.”
— Baron Graham

“Going to CSUN and majoring in film.”
— Steven Hernandez

“Going to trade school for power line.”
— Jonathan Madrigal

“I will be working a part time job, going to college and creating more YouTube videos and Twitch streaming.”
— Cesar Garcia

“I will be going to Cal State L.A. during the fall.”
— Clarisa Vásquez

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?

“I see myself working as a physical therapist.”
— Ana Barbosa

“In 10 years, I feel like I will have a degree in mechanical engineering and working for big bucks.”
— Ricardo Torres

“In 10 years I see myself working at a law firm.”
— Leticia Reyes

“Doing a fellowship for oncology/hematology or residency (it depends).”
— Jacqueline Garcia

“Owning my own salon doing hair, makeup, and skin care.”
— Aleah Larkin

“Being a heart surgeon with two kids and a husband.”
— Mariana Perez

“I seek myself doing what I love: cleaning teeth as a dental hygienist.”
— Alexis Sanchez

“Hopefully working in a hospital as a pediatric surgical nurse. I also want to be married and have two dogs.”
— Cristina Rodriguez

“Being a private detective or forensic scientist/crime science investigator.”
— Javier Ayala

“Acting in films, performing in concerts and fun events, and getting my voice heard.”
— Alexis Dominguez

“Being a software engineer in an environment that I enjoy and having an amazing time.”
— Gerard DeMonteverde

“I see myself working in a restaurant in England, married, and with two kids.”
— Andrew Garcia Herrera

“I see myself as a registered nurse working as an anesthesiologist nurse.”
— Cristina Silva

“Working in a hospital, getting married, and becoming a youth group leader.”
— Jacqueline Cruz

“I see myself working on cars in 10 years.”
— Adrian Lozano

“I see myself living somewhere in Northern California and traveling.”
— Andrea Vega

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

“Mr. Hill because I was his favorite student. He might not say it, but I know I am. He’ll miss me.”
— Alberto Chavez

“My favorite teacher definitely has to be Mr. Atwater because he is always so happy and actually notices his students’ behavior and asks if you’re all right.”
— Diane Ceja

“Mr. Williams was my favorite teacher because he always has a movie that relates to the chapter when we finish reading it. He also has given me advice about the military and gives me great advice in general.”
— Jesus Lopez

“My favorite teacher is Mr. Saunders because he is very funny and sometimes weird but in a good way. He’s never boring and is just a fun teacher. I’m glad I had him freshman year and my senior year.”
— Mirella Martínez

“Ms. Romines. She has been there for me and gave me tough love when I needed it. We had a tough start but now she’s like my momma.”
— Maria Leon

“I appreciate all my teachers, but when I needed a friend and guidance, Ms. Favela was there to push me. She may not know it, but she really helped me.”
— Hailie Morales

“Bowman because he’s always kind and tries to stay reasonable and positive even if things are going ugly.”
— Vanessa Escobedo

“Mr. Williams and Ms. Madonna because they definitely have passion for what they do and they truly believe in their students, even if they themselves don’t.”
— Amy Zapien

“Favorite teacher? Are you kidding me? All my teachers I had are awesome and are the best!”
— Abraham Vasquez

“Mr. Corona; he was always there for me. He would help me with my problems. He was and is a great mentor.”
— Xiomara Peraza

“My favorite teacher was Mr. Rogers because he motivated me to keep up with my education after high school and to become a police officer.”
— Joel Reyes

“My favorite teacher was Ms. Gutierrez (aka, my tia). She’s the best. I can tell her anything and she will always be my favorite no matter what because she has helped me out a lot.”
–Vanessa Garcia

“Ms. Powers! She motivated me to catch up in school, get good grades, graduate high school, and pursue my goal in business.”
— Gaby Reyes

“My favorite teacher was Mr. Grennan because he showed me the value and fun in journalism and inspired me to major in journalism at his alma mater, Cal Poly SLO. I’m going to miss him!”
— Roselyn Romero

“Mr. Cardinez because of all the help and support he’s given me.”
— Sergio Núñez

“My favorite teacher was Mr. Rada because he’s very funny and chill.”
— Ruben Castillo

What was your most embarrassing moment during high school?

“My most embarrassing moment during high school is when I farted really loud in class.”
— Michael Warren

“My most embarrassing moment would be when I tried out for the football team.”
— Janine Covarrubias

“One time I leaned over and I dropped my glasses in the toilet and I started crying. I got new glasses.”
— Deanna Lara

“I was still half asleep walking on campus one morning, and I almost ran into a pole.”
— Ashley Ferrer

“Getting pooped on by a bird in the first week of freshman year and not knowing where the restrooms were.”
— Paulina Lara

“My most embarrassing moment during high school was dropping clay gaze all over the floor in sculpting class.”
— Jared de la Cruz

“When I walked into the girls’ restroom accidentally.”
— Moisés Flores

“When I was in swim I tripped and I fell off the diving board.”
— Vicenulile Moren

“I had accidentally wet my pants and everyone thought I peed myself.”
— Emilia Contreras

“Crashing into a wall.”
— Fatima Estrada

“Falling down the bleachers during a volleyball game.”
— Laurence Valoaga-Patu

“When I walked into the wrong class on the first day of my freshman year.”
— Juan Lopez

“My most embarrassing moment was when I ran into a door.”
— Alandris Houston

“The most embarrassing moment I had is when I spilled chocolate milk all over my white jeans.”
— Isabel Martinez

“When I slipped in a pile of mud in P.E. and got stained.”
— César García

What advice would you give to your freshman self?

“To do your work since the beginning so you won’t have to worry about your credits senior year.”
— Luis Ramos

“An advice I would give to my freshman self would be to not skip class.”
— Andrea De La Cruz

“All four years matter, so don’t slack off. And be involved with the school because it’s fun.”
— Jenavin Castillo

“Take the most AP classes and exams, and keep your grades up.”
— Ronaldo Ramirez

“To try new things and to learn from my mistakes.”
— Jessica Espitia

“Time moves by fast. It may not seem like it at the moment, but this will all go by in the blink of an eye.”
— Jasmine Segura

“Every breakdown has made you stronger than ever. Nothing is impossible.”
— Andrew Castro

“Do not procrastinate because it becomes a difficult habit to break.”
— Brenda Morales

“Do not fail any classes, get in involved in school and play sports.”
— Eduardo Michel

“You cannot study for one test in life, which is life itself.”
— Dhruvi Dalwadi

“It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, just love yourself.”
— Yanely Montes

“Go to more school dances.”
— Christian Marquez

“Work hard until the end; it’s worth it.”
— Isaiah Reyna

“Don’t procrastinate.”
— Cristian León

“Pass all your classes.”
— Jesus Heredia

Which actor/actress would play you in a movie about your life?

“Tom Holland because I’m going to marry him and become the first female Spiderman.”
— Jackie Mottu

“Sharpay from ‘High School Musical’ because she got monnneeeeyyyyy.”
— Isabel Martinez
“I would want Harry Styles to play me in a movie about my life because he’s basically the male-version of me….just in a Gucci suit.”
-Jasmin Martinez

“Chris Pratt would probably play me in a movie about life because our demeanor and looks are similar.”
– Harley Wilson

“I would choose someone who looks like me (beauty wise): Shay Michelle.”
— Noreen Manahan

“Michael B. Jordan because he’s cool and we’re almost the same height; he’s just a little shorter than me.”
— Marcus Jackson

“Dwayne Johnson because we both strive for greatness and when we hit the gym we hit it hard.”
— Moses Quolas

“Danny DeVito because I love him.”
— Mario Heredia

“Chucky because he’s evil but smart.”
— Yolanda Amador

“Jackie Chan because I want to have them karate moves.”
— Noelia Rodriguez

“Tom Cruise: phenomenal actor and he’s fine.”
— Jerome Roxas

“Michelle Rodriguez would play me in my life. She is such a powerful character. She is strong and would be a perfect representation of me.”
— Karina Montoya

“Spiderman would play me in a movie because he is my favorite character.”
— Patrick Manansala

“I think I would want Angelique Boyer to play me because she is iconic.”
— Fatima Vargas

“Kevin Hart because he’s funny.”
— Víctor Cruz

“Any short actress that looks vaguely Asian but speaks Spanish.”
— Giselle Morales

What was your most memorable or proudest moment during your time at CI?

“All the times I spend at school prepping for rallies, spending time with my friends, and always having a good time.”
— Alejandra Jiménez

“Getting carried by the cross country team at PVL finals.”
— Jonathan Herrera

“My most memorable moment at CI is probably going to be Prom 2018. Even though it just happened, I know I’m never going to forget it.”
— Daniel Salceda

“Seeing my stories in The Isle File.”
— Adriana Mendieta

“Starting a Tagalog class. I think it will change the future generations.”
— Angeline Cesar

“My proudest moment will be joining Drumline and band. I found loving friends that I know will always be there for me.”
— Lupita Jacobo

“My proudest moment during my time at CI was having an undefeated season, winning three national titles and getting top 5 for grand championship for Short Flags.”
— Matthew Baumgartner

“Meeting the new friends I have now. They became family to me.”
— Patricia Licea

“Winning league champs for cross country and breaking the DMR record.”
— Jacqueline Reyes

“Getting a chance to run to be a representative for Boys State and winning 1st place for DTV for coed dance.”
— Jose Pelaez

“The Monterey field trip I went to with my MSA family.”
— Joaquín Romero

“Having the privilege to participate in MEChA and make such an amazing baile.’
— Gustavo Gomez

“When I got a student of the week award.”
— Sergio Melendez

“Being in Banners.”
— Emily Mesa

“When I donated blood for the first time (I’m scared of needles and blood).”
— Soledad Hernandez

“When I once won the Golden Ticket drawing.”
— Jerardo Lopez

What are you going to miss about CI?

“I will miss some of the teachers at CI. A lot of them have done so much to help me be in the position where I am today.”
— Eduardo Mauricio

“Most definitely the rallies and football games.”
— Samantha Sanchez

“The free education and the people, especially my Spam dealers.”
— Maritza Lopez

“I am going to miss the community and how accepting they are. Also, my friends and my teachers.”
— Sebastian Magaña

“One thing I am going to miss about CI is my friends. I made such genuine and good friends.”
— Monica Olvera

“I am going to miss the counselors that helped all four years and that guided me to the right path.”
— Ceylá Villavicencio

“I am going to miss all the teachers that cared about me.”
— Luis Valerio

“I’m going to miss the school dances because everyone gets together.”
— Edith Figueroa

“I am going to miss the rallies.”
— Everlin Perez

“I am going to miss the atmosphere. It’s so cheerful and lighthearted around here.”
— Jennifer Hernandez

“The seagulls.”
— Gigi Maldonado

“The stress.”
— Austin Rivera

“I am going to miss my friends, water polo, and swim.”
— Martin Edina

“I’m going to miss the people I’ve met throughout the years, the teachers, and the dances.”
— Abraham Alvarado

“The school spirit.”
— Gisela Medina

To whom would you like to give a shout-out and why?

“To my mom for always helping me and supporting me.”
— Nayeli Garcia

“I would like to give a shout-out to the parents who work at the fields since they never stop working and believe in us to have a better future.”
— Imanol Morales

“I would like to give a shout-out to the upcoming seniors. Be responsible and do good in high school.”
— Lance Doria

“To Mr. Cole — he helped me out so much during a dark time in my life.”
— Alexia Moran

“Shout-out to Mr. Corona for showing me memes, and letting me take refuge in his classroom.”
— Paulina Lopez

“To Ms. Romines for not letting me fail junior year.”
— Yamilet Gomez

“Shout-out to my mom and dad for giving me a good foundation from which I was able to use to get to where I am and for supporting me along the way.”
— Daisy Cruz

“To Mrs. Ramos because she truly cares about me and supported me through my high school journey.”
— Giselle Segura

“Shout-out to my class officers. This year wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work and dedication! Thank you for the memories and good luck in the fall.”
— Armando Pina

“I’d give a shout-out to Ms. Euan because she helped in school and with personal stuff. She is super nice with everybody.”
— Yajaira Velasquez

“To all those kind, helpful people who helped me achieve the person I am today.”
— Juan Avila

“Shout-out to Mr. Minkel because he’s the best teacher ever.”
— Fatima Gutierrez

“I’d like to give a shout-out to my mom for letting me miss so much school as long as my grades were good.”
— Bianca Rodríguez

“Mr. Corona for not making me take a lap.”
— Jennifer Cruz

“I’ll like to give a shout-out to Mr. Williams because he is amazing.”
— Eddy Gomez

“Mrs. Powers for being such a hard worker.”
— Alicia Landin

Summarize high school in one word.

— Danielle Nario

— Sarah Hopkins

-Wendy Arevalo

— Arlette Melendez

— Carla Reyes

— Yoseline Huerta

— Shiela Mae Valerio

— Jocelyn Luna-Balanga

— Ruben Anastacio

— Giselle Ambriz

— Lynae Washington

— Vanessa Chavez

— Rose Anne Galera

— Danielle Nario

— Andrew Estrella

— Celeste Perez

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