Jackson known for his musical talent

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Jackson known for his musical talent


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The Islands has many students who are talented, gifted, and with bright futures ahead of them. Senior Marcus Jackson is one of them.

Jackson has been an extraordinary student who possesses a lot of talents and is gifted in music, making him a remarkable musician on campus.

Since his sophomore year, Jackson has been the Channel Islands’ band drum major, one of the most important roles on the team.

Jackson is known as the “dude in charge of the band,” meaning he guides the band during their performances.

Jackson describes his position as “a big responsibility,” but he has been planning to pursue the role since he was a freshman.

“It is really fun and easy,” Jackson said, “but also a great responsibility.”

Jackson has been musically inclined ever since the fourth grade. He started off by playing the trumpet and learned how to play the piano, tuba and many other instruments over time.

In fact, Jackson grew up with music in his life. His father, brothers and grandfather are musicians, dedicating themselves to the same passion.

“Music is my whole life,” the young musician said.

He is planning to attend college and pursue a career in music as an aspiring rapper.

Jonathan Cahuantzi, senior in Drumline, described Jackson as a “virtuoso.” Since his freshman year, Cahuantzi knew Jackson would be leading the band in the future.

“He takes his position as drum major during performances very seriously,” Cahuantzi said about Jackson. “He loves conducting the band because he is aware of the immense passion people have for music.”

Teacher and Band Director Loreto Teruel says it is a true honor to have Jackson in his class.

“He brings a great atmosphere to Drumline,” Teruel said. “I expect a great future ahead of Jackson. I even expect him to write a hit song one day.”

Teruel describes Jackson’s music skills as a “natural talent.”

“He is an amazing musician and student who exceeds expectations and tackles all challenges in life,” Teruel said.

Jackson is very fortunate to master such a beautiful talent through which he has the power to express his feelings with the sound of music.

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