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Season for college applications


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Community colleges, CSUs, UCs, private universities, vocational schools – oh my!

With the commencement of senior year, college applications are at the forefront of many students’ minds. This process may be overwhelming, especially for those who are juggling multiple college applications, extracurricular activities, and assignments all at once.

Luckily, the Raider community at the Islands is willing to help seniors out during this stressful yet rewarding time.

Mrs. Griselda Sanchez, the College Site Coordinator, is in charge of the Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP), which is responsible for providing resources to students pursuing higher education.

“We create different presentations that are tailored to each grade level,” she said.

Mrs. Sanchez emphasized the boundless opportunities available for students when they attend college. “Nowadays the job market requires students to have higher levels of education,” she stated. “A PhD in a specific field can earn someone a much higher income than someone who only has a high school diploma.”

Her advice to current seniors was fairly simple: Start now. “Research all your options; don’t settle for the easiest colleges to get into simply because it is less stressful,” she said.

For those applying to colleges in the future, Mrs. Sanchez advised underclassmen to focus on academics. “Seek help, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.”

English teacher and Mock Trial coach Mrs. Monica Adrian graduated from the University of California, Irvine, which caught her attention due to its inviting environment, strategic layout and architecture, and ideal distance from home.

When asked to give advice to the Class of 2018, Mrs. Adrian urged seniors to never stop searching for scholarships.

“There are so many scholarships that are never granted because nobody applies to them,” she mentioned.

She also suggested taking all factors into consideration when narrowing down one’s college list. “I looked at financial aid packages, affordability of housing, and tuition,” Mrs. Adrian stated.

Mrs. Milly Madonna, Drama Club advisor and English teacher, attended the University of California, Santa Barbara. Upon being asked what her favorite aspect of attending college was, she stated that she loved being in a space of pure academia.

“Attending college reminded me of ancient times of intellect,” she said passionately. “I felt like I belonged to something huge, like I was part of a special group of people.”

Mrs. Madonna gave some impactful advice regarding college admissions decisions. “If you didn’t get accepted to your dream school, then it wasn’t meant to be,” she declared with conviction. “Another door will open. Let go of your fear of failure and embrace your other opportunities.”

For the Class of 2018, being proactive on your applications, researching all your options, and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the entire college admissions process are instrumental for success.

Senior year is a time abundant with confusion, stress, excitement, and sentimentality – enjoy it while you can!

Rose Romero, Verna Laderas and Jasmin Cortes take in the beach view at UCSB.

CI seniors Paulina Lopez, Leticia Reyes, Ana Barbosa and Esperanza Rojas enjoy a pizza lunch provided by EAOP.

CI senior Danielle Nario meets up with brother Aristeo, who is a freshman engineering student at UCSB.

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