Jocelyn Garcia

GRADE: 12th grade

5-YEAR PLAN: Attend VC and enter the medical field; still work on doing acrylic nails

ON MY PLAYLIST: J.Cole (Hip-Hop/Rap), Jhené Aiko (R&B/Soul); Karol G (Reggaeton)

FAVORITE BOOKS: The Crucible and Anne Frank 

FAVORITE SHOWS/MOVIES: Grey's Anatomy; Gravity Falls; Lilo & Stitch

PET PEEVE: Driving slowly in a fast lane; loud noises while doing something quiet; and people sneezing or coughing without covering their mouths

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Softball, swim, and nails 

SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Patient Care class, Writing for Publication, English, and Spanish 

WHERE I GET MY NEWS: L.A. Times, CNN, and The Isle File


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Jocelyn Garcia