Name: Adriana Mendieta

Grade: 12th

5 Year Plan: I see myself in my five years doing something big, like working in an office, being a chef, or doing I.T. tech.

On my iPod: Arctic Moneys, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Favorite Book: Fault in Our Stars

Favorite Movies: Any old Disney movie, Mean Girls, Man of Steel

Pet Peeves: Annoying people, people who are way too nice to me, bad drivers, people that like papaya, slow walkers, people that put pineapple on pizza, people that are cocky, people that laugh at everything even though it’s not funny, people that complain over little things, getting catcalled, kids that are spoiled and don’t appreciate what they have

Hobbies/Interests: Hitting golf balls on the range, watching YouTube for hours, taking naps, watching movies, going out to get ice cream

School Activities: The Isle File

Where I Get My News: Snapchat, Channel 4 News, and Channel 7 News

Adriana Mendieta, Staff Writer

Oct 25, 2017
President Laderas leaving a legacy (Story)