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UC Santa Barbara alumni group forming at the islands


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Along the west coast and the Santa Ynez Mountains, you will find the city of Santa Barbara. This city is home to the University of California, Santa Barbara, or known as UCSB. UCSB offers a variety of nearly 90 majors and 40 minors. UCSB can be found in an area that relieves you from the urban stress and distractions, but thrives both culturally and academically. Here at the Islands, there’s a wide variety of faculty members who attended the university.

Mr. Blake Hill, a Spanish teacher, graduated from UCSB in ‘88. He transferred from UC Santa Cruz over to UCSB. He chose to go to the university because he wanted to “live at home and focus on his studies.” When at UCSB, Mr. Hill spent most of his time at the library and he described UCSB as a “very academic school” and a “well respected university” even if it’s seen as a “party school.”

Ms. Griselda Sanchez, the EAOP adviser, graduated from UCSB in 2003. She chose UCSB because it was her “dream school since 7th grade.” She attended a field trip and she fell in love with the campus. She was very active in clubs and other organizations so she always “felt at home.” Ms. Sanchez enjoyed the dorm life, “the nature, and the beauty of the campus.”

Her roommate was Ms. Adelina Lopez, the AP Calculus teacher at CI. Ms. Sanchez when asked about campus life, says, “As a student, you should get to know the people around you and make the best of your stay.”

Mr. Robert Rada, the golf coach and the government teacher, graduated from UCSB in ‘83 with a sociology degree and his teaching credential in ‘84. He has been here for 33 years and is always motivating seniors to apply and attend UCSB. Mr. Rada explained that since he is nearing retirement he thought it would be a good idea to “get something going on behalf of UCSB.”

He started an Alumni Club here at the Islands to “promote improved academic performance.” Mr. Rada describes his stay at UCSB as the “greatest of my life,” a time where he was “stronger in my culture.”

Consider applying to UCSB, Raiders! You’ll never know the opportunities you’ll find, and the people you’ll meet. College is all about your experience and what you make of it.

“Olé.., Olé, Olé, Olé, Gauchos, Gauchos!”

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