Failing Grade Causing Stress

Ask Raidser Sam

Dear Raider Sam,

I am an AP student and failed my first class ever this semester. I want to do better, but I don’t know who to turn to. I’m too embarrassed to tell my friends or ask my teacher for help. Most of all I am scared my counselor will tell my parents. What should I do?

– Sincerely, Worry Wort

Dear Worry Wort,

Asking for help can be really difficult to do, but it’s going to be your best bet in doing better this next semester. You don’t have to tell your friends unless you want to and if they react badly then they probably aren’t the best of friends. As for your teacher, he or she must know you’re struggling already so don’t be embarrassed. Remember, a new semester is a fresh start and asking for help now is way better than a week before finals. If you feel you need to drop the class it’s OK. Talk to your counselor, he or she is there to help you and it will lessen the blow to your parents when report cards come in if you show them you’re trying to fix it.

Dear Raider Sam,

My sister recently came out as bisexual to me, but not to our parents. They are always pestering her and asking when she is going to bring a guy home to meet.  She just talks about meeting people because she’s scared they won’t accept her sexuality, since she has always been their well-behaved, perfect daughter. How do I help her?

— Sincerely, Concerned Sister

Dear Concerned Sister,

The first step is to show your sister that you support her and love her no matter her sexuality. You can’t force her to tell her parents, but by showing her that you’re OK with it might be the encouragement she needs to tell them. Most importantly, let her know that if she were to come out and not be accepted by your parents that you’ll still be there for her. She’s probably most scared of losing her family, so just talk to her and tell her whenever she decides to tell you’ll be there for her.

Dear Raider Sam,

There’s this girl I currently like. We talk a lot and our friends say we do things a couple would do. We are not official or anything, but we even kissed one time. I want to go to the next level but I don’t want to scare her off since she’s still unsure of her feelings. What do I do?

— Sincerely, Crazy in Love

Dear Crazy in Love,

Chances are that she is unsure because neither of you has talked about your feelings or of being an official couple. Try asking her out on an actual date instead of just casually hanging out. Let her know that you want to officially date and be her boyfriend, but don’t pressure her into agreeing. Do sweet things for her like bringing her flowers or her favorite food to show her you are serious and to win her over. Since you guys already have the chemistry with a bit of romance, you guys will be officially dating in no time!

— Sincerely, Raider Sam