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Spotlight on Virtual Reality


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Virtual reality is undoubtedly the future of technology.  Virtual reality is a device that places the user in a simulator like world.

Virtual Reality devices include a screen which allows the consumer to look simultaneously in a fictional world.  Many companies have produced virtual reality devices such as Google, Samsung, and Oculus.  Virtual reality can be used for video gaming, trainings in medical fields, social interaction, and entertainment.

Virtual reality is an artificial projection of the five senses of the human body.  VR has the power to eventually reshape how we view society.  The ultimate goal of virtual reality is to merge the virtual world and real world into one which will create an absolutely phenomenal experience for the consumer.

With multiple companies releasing virtual reality devices this year, the future looks bright for VR.  Virtual reality will also unleash damage upon travel sites such as Google Earth and Google Maps due to virtual reality being able to teleport the user to the desired location in a simulated form.  Virtual reality will also impact the travel industry due to the user being able to simulate any location in the world which would lessen the desire for people to travel to their favored location.  Virtual reality once released will change the world as we know it.


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Spotlight on Virtual Reality