Fear of rejection is normal

Dear Raider Sam,

I have a really strong feeling toward this person and I want to know if they like me back. I’m not a very confident person and I’m scared of being rejected. I need some advice on if I should tell this person I like them, or should I wait for them to show some signals. Should I try flirting with them or should I stay quiet and do nothing?

      — Unknown Person


Dear Unknown Person,

Expressing your feelings towards someone is very difficult and it may take some time to reveal your true feelings. There is nothing wrong about being scared of rejection, it’s all part of life, but sometimes you may have to step up and take the risk of finding someone you want to be with. Even waiting for them to show a sign might be a waste because someone might beat you to asking that person out. So in the end you should do what makes you feel comfortable, and you should be able to be confident enough to do what you think is right. I hope everything turns out great for you!


Dear Raider Sam, 

I’m close friends with this girl in my third period class. She’s really sweet to me and I have a pretty big crush on her. Thing is I am not a 100 percent sure she is gay. Should I take the risk or bite my tongue and not say anything?

    — Gay Panic


Dear Gay Panic,

Taking your shot for someone is not always gonna go your way, but I can say that being you around the person you care about can create a big bond with them. Now, if you’re not sure she is gay then ask her in a comfortable manner, don’t make her uncomfortable and if she does not wish to answer your question, don’t pressure her! Altogether though, you never know if you do not ask!


Dear Raider Sam,

I’m having relationship issues with my girlfriend. We disagree and argue a lot. I care so much for them though and I need advice. Any helpful ideas?

    — Loving Sophomore


Dear Loving Sophomore,

Having relationship issues isn’t a bad problem at all, it is not uncommon to have arguments in relationships. What matters is how you solve those issues. There is no telling the future or how it ends, there are just ways you can make it better. But some suggestions are that you guys go somewhere nice or private and talk. Make sure you listen to them and have them listen to you. Agree to disagree and express your concerns. If at the end of the conversation it still doesn’t feel right, I suggest your relationship might need a little break.