Small Intro to the World of K-Pop


Channel Islands High School debuted their K-Pop Club in 2019. If you didn’t know, K-Pop stands for Korean Pop music. It originated in South Korea and is popular worldwide. CI’s K-pop Club is open to anyone interested in Korean culture, although it mainly focuses on music.

“I think people should join the K-Pop club because it teaches you about Korean culture; also, it’s a great place to make friends with the same interests as you,” Yuli Martinez said. Martinez is a 9th grader who joined the club because she had taken interest in K-Pop groups a year before. 

“Can we all agree that K-Pop is literally a cultural reset?” Martinez added. “It’s very unique because it’s like a genre with lots of different genres mixed together and incorporates dance, if you get what I mean.” Some K-Pop groups that are really popular worldwide are BTS, BLACKPINK, Twice, NCT, and Red Velvet, but of course there are a lot more. Not only that but these K-Pop groups have amazing choreography that CI’s K-Pop Club members take time to learn and perform. It is optional, however. If you want to be able to perform, you would need to get your parents permission first. They sometimes practice on Saturdays at the college park and after school on Wednesdays. Most of their performances are posted on Youtube. 

Here is a link for CIHS K Club’s Youtube Channel: 

“Stanning K-Pop groups is a full time job, well more like a hobby, so it would make sense for there to be a club that dedicates itself to K-Pop. In the K-Pop club, they meet every Monday in room P11 and just play Korean Culture related games played by famous idols,” Martinez says. “Stanning” is basically being devoted to being a fan to a celebrity, in this case, an idol or a whole K-Pop group with multiple idols. Anyone is free to join CI’s K-Club, even if you’re not familiar with K-Pop. The president of the club, Mariah Nuñez, would gladly welcome you.